Carry You With Me - Storybook 

Carry you with me is a heartfelt story of a mother’s love, loss, healing and hope.   Whimsical illustrations are brought to life with deeply rooted words and symbols.  Together we remember the great loves we have lost and cherish all the ways we carry them with us forever. 



Carry you with me  - HARDCOVER book - 9x9 inches

After the loss of the family's second son, Marshall James Knobben, mother Alanna Knobben turned to paper and pen to begin the grieving and healing process.  Letters to her son soon evolved into the beginnings of Carry You With Me.  

This book is written from a mother's perspective of love, loss, pain and isolation that with time and great care transitioned through to healing, hope and endless love.

The loss of every great life impacts not only parents and siblings, but extended family, friends, co-workers and communities.  Each with a story to tell.  We hope that this book brings us together to support one another and invites the conversation to begin outside the book.  

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INside the BOOK  - carry you with me 

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Creating the paintings for Carry You With Me, following along with the beautiful poetic text, and the whole process of working with Alanna… felt blessed and touched by a magical force. Each step we took together felt perfect and every detail came together as if orchestrated by a kind Universe.
— Katie m. Berggren
From the initial words, to rough sketches to rich colours swirling around the canvas. Painting #10 grows a warm glow of love around this special mama and child. Illustrations by Katie m Berggren for Carry You With Me by Alanna Knobben.
We read your book at a recent Interfaith Remembrance Service that we hold here for our families who have experienced the loss of their child. It was very well received. We had a vice president present during the service so touched by it that she donated funds to purchase your book to enable our department to provide the book for our bereaved families. We felt that the content of the book was so comforting to share with families who have lost their child at any age. Thank you for creating it!
— Akron Children’s Hospital⁣ - Ohio
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Author - Alanna Knobben

People and storytelling became an important part of Alanna’s life from an early age.  Combining her love of art and writing, Carry You With Me is an intimate look at the personal journey of a mother’s loss, healing and hope.  Carry You With Me is Alanna’s first published story, with the intention to bring light and conversation to the difficult journey of  pregnancy, infant, and child loss.  Connecting with others from the heart and simple family joys are ever evolving passions. See more


Artist  - Katie m. Berggren

Katie m. Berggren has been cited as the #1 Motherhood Artist in America, and her paintings and prints hang in homes of families in over 60 countries.  Katie seeks to create moments of peace and wholeness, images that convey something beyond a photo likeness: a sense of love, warmth, security and connection for all of her projects and clients.  Whether creating magical moments on canvas for private clients or making the pages of great books come to life, Katie connects true emotions with color and paint.  Katie lives in Washington State, USA with her two boys and husband where she cherishes family moments of togetherness and quiet creative time in her studio.  To learn more visit