Branches of my heart

Trina trees.JPG

⁠Hidden in the woods⁠

In the most magical place⁠

A sacred tree stands tall and free.⁠

⁠Amongst its bark and moss and roots⁠,

you’ll find sweet memories that we hung for you.⁠

We stop there every chance we get. ⁠

Savouring your memory and the moment we met.⁠⁠

This tree is special for you and me,⁠

for the forest creatures and for all to see.⁠

Know that this is just one place⁠

where I dream of you and your sweet face. ⁠

Your every where and every day. ⁠

In my heart you’ll always stay.⁠

~ Alanna Knobben ⁠⁠