Meditations with Trina

My healing journey was not a straight line, it did not center around one thing, but meditation stands out as having been very important for me. I have come to know meditation as a direct connection to my Self. It is a gentle and loving self-attention, a way of making friends with the moment, a skill for living with happiness and grief, as they come and go. I feel so passionate about the role meditation plays in my life and I want to support others in finding self-nourishing practices. I hope it feels right for you to come and give meditation a try. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy. 

Trina Metz


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I AM whole - Oct. 11, 2018

Welcome to our very first guided meditation for the Carry You With Me Community. May you find some peace and comfort in this short pause to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Using the breath, we take a moment to recognize the beauty in our wholeness that always prevails through the highest peaks and darkest valleys of our lives.

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Quiet reflections bring new beginnings - An introduction to trina metz

Little did I know, in that quiet place of reverence, that I had three more losses to endure myself. Little did I know of my own strength and resilience, of grief, coping, isolation, how to recover the lost sense of my self, or how to put my broken parts back together. 

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Summer’s story

We named her Summer for the glorious season she was with us and for all the natural beauty we see her in. Summer lived 18 weeks and 2 days and we knew she wouldn’t survive to full term. Near the end of her life, I saw butterflies around me everywhere, in places I hadn’t seen them before.