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Welcome to April’s guided meditation for the Carry You With Me Community.

May you find some peace and comfort in this short pause to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Using the breath, we take a moment to connect with our bodies and spirit.

Gifting positive affirmations to ourselves, our loved ones and those that may be struggling, can be such a lightening experience.


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I am so honored to share with you my first meditation of 2019. As some of you may have seen in previous posts, my path has taken a new turn as we have welcomed our most precious blessing, our baby girl, Amalia, into our family. I am practicing welcoming all emotions as I come to know her and parent on this side of life. As I have shared before, my path to Amalia has been difficult as she is our fifth pregnancy and first child. Today I sit in mediation, in gratitude, with the intention of honoring the children smiling over us from up above, the beloved children we share our lives with, and the precious and innocent children residing within each of us.

 I am forever thankful for your support and the heart-filled sharing in this community. It has helped me make my way to Amalia.



Meditations 2.jpg

"Walking into a sacred circle in a winter wonderland.  A beautiful evergreen illuminates the forest with a glow that radiates from its core."  

Join us in this magical place for December's guided meditation for YOU by Trina Metz.  


Welcome to November’s guided meditation for the Carry You With Me Community. On this special day of remembrance we honour those who have come before us and all the blessings they have brought forward to this life.

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